Ministers of Salem Gilfield

Rev. Africa Bailey, Founder 1856

  The original Salem Church was founded in a Brush Arbor with a Sawdust Floor in late 1865.  The original pastor was Rev. Africa Bailey, a Sergeant in the Union Army during the Civil War.  By 1867, Salem's congregation had grown to 242   members and they were worshiping in a solid frame building at the corner of Carolina Street and Tennessee. 

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Other Ministers

Rev. R. E. Harshaw

Rev. R. B. Roberts

Rev. W. L. Vernado (1935)

Rev. A. L. McCargo

Served as Pastor from 1934 - 1970

Served as Pastor Emeritus from 1970 - 1975

Rev. L. A. Wakefield

Began as Associate Pastor in 1966

Served as Pastor from 1971 - 1980

Rev. Charles H. Ryans

Served as Pastor from 1981 - 1996

Ministers Cont.

Rev. Angelo McCargo

1997 - 2010

Reb. Stanford L. Hunt

 2012 -  Present 

Rev. Stanford L. Hunt came to serve as worship leader on February 13, 2011. He was elected pastor of Salem Gilfield on Saturday, February 25, 2012. He preached his first pastoral sermon on February 26, 2012. His installation services were held on May 6,  2012.  

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