Mrs. Shakira Byrant

Mrs. Byrant directs the Sanctuary Choir and the Youth and Young Adult Choir.


The  Music Ministry of Salem Gilfield is dedicated to presenting and leading  the congregation in joyful and worshipful music. The Music Ministry has  always been an important part of the worship service in the African American  Church.  The musical presentations, whether it is before the Sunday  Sermon, other services, or during special programs, prepare hearts and  minds to receive God’s word, and answer His call for believers to join  the Body of Christ.

The  Vocal Ensembles at Salem Gilfield consist of:  The Mass Choir, The Male  Chorus, and Children & Youth and Young Adults.  The scriptures  calls for the Body of Christ to use their God-given talents in whatever  the Lord has blessed them to do, and especially their God-given musical  talents - "Voices are God-given blessings."


The  Choirs of Salem Gilfield are not only talented in singing Gospel and  Contemporary Christian styles, but they also have a rich tradition of  singing the great spirituals, and hymns. Even during regular Prayer and  Praise Services, you could hear the wonderful a Capella singing of  four-part harmony - sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses ringing  throughout the congregation.  

'Singing hymns' is also emphasized in scripture when we are told, "When they had sung the hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives" (Matt. 26:30).  Jesus and his disciples after the Last Supper sang a hymn.  We are committed to helping our congregation develop their God-given musical talents for the glory of God.

Psalms 150: 6 NIV

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.