Usher Ministry Emphasis

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Celebrating 2018 Usher Ministry Month


The Role of a Church Usher

In many denominations of the Christian Church, a Church usher (not to be confused with church greeter) is responsible for seating guests and maintaining the order and security of services.

    • Possible Topics
  • The History and Role Of a Church Usher
  • What is the job description of an Usher?
  • How do you become an effective usher in the church?
  • What are Ushers responsibilities?
  • Do's and Don'ts of Ushering.

Mrs. Karen Townsel, Chairperson

1st Sunday, October 7, 2018

  • The History and Role of  A Church Usher
  1. Definition Of An Usher
  2. Early History Of Ushering

Wilson's Ushers' Guide compiled by Mrs. Gertrude Reed & Mss S. B. Wilson

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