Today, we celebrated Usher’s Day. We paused to recognize their great ministry, and also to thank them for the service that Ushers’ provide. Every year, we celebrate Ushers Month in combination with Breast Cancer Month.  We are thankful for the thoughtful messages that Mrs. Townsel provided throughout the month on Breast Cancer and other Cancers. Special thanks to our Guest Speaker, Ms. Angelina Fox, St. John MB Church (Pendleton). Our Theme was, “Doorkeepers in the House of My God”. Today’s subject was “Why Be An Usher”? Ms. Fox did an excellent job in presenting some good facts and scriptures on the importance of being an Usher. Again, many thanks to the Chairpersons, Mrs. Karen Townsel and Mrs. Delores Stone, and Usher Board #1 and Usher Board #2 for their service.

Ms. Angelina Fox

Rev. Hunt, Pastor & Ms. Angelina Fox, Guest Speaker

Usher’s 2019

Mrs.Delores Stone, Chairperson

Mrs. Karen Townsel, Co-Chairperson

(L-R) Karen Townsel, Candace Mack, JoAnn Harris, Cherilynn Norfleet, Delores Stone. Jeanine Robinson (Picture Unavailable)

Annual Usher's Day



“Doorkeepers in the House of My God”

Choir Ensemble

Usher’s Day

Karen Townsel,



(See names above)

P. Jackson

Hospitality Committee

L. Jackson

Deacon, Chairperson

A. Hamilton


Members Fellowship

A. Hamilton, L. Jackson, L. Webb

Members Fellowship

A. Hamilton, L. Webb, N. Smith

What A joyous Celebration!

Choir Ensemble

Annual Usher Day

Program 2019